Our products are made from bamboo, lava stone, and cardboard, which offer several key advantages:

Environmentally Friendly: We use bamboo instead of traditional wood, which helps preserve forests. This means less tree cutting.

Less Pollution: Our production process generates fewer emissions, resulting in less harmful impact on the environment and better air quality when our products are used.

Safer for Health: We avoid toxic chemicals in our products, making grilling safer and better for the health of those who enjoy the food.

Biodegradable: Our products break down quickly in nature, leading to less waste and reduced strain on waste disposal systems.

Ease of Use and Less Waste: Our products are easy to use and leave minimal waste after grilling.

In summary, our products are better for the environment, your health, and they make grilling easier.


Bamboo has quickly become a popular and sustainable alternative to traditional wood in various applications, including charcoal production.

Bamboo is a fast-growing plant that requires significantly less water, fertilizer, and chemicals compared to many other plants and trees. It can grow up to a meter per day and absorbs large amounts of carbon dioxide as it grows.

This makes bamboo an excellent source of raw material that also contributes to reducing deforestation and is used for a wide range of purposes, including the production of charcoal, construction materials, furniture, textiles, and much more.


Our unique bamboo briquettes are created from carefully selected bamboo sawdust, which we source from furniture and other production sources within the bamboo product industry. The sawdust undergoes a meticulous process where it is compressed under high pressure and then carbonized to become the final product. The result is briquettes that stand out for their purity, unlike many other similar products that often contain 3-5% binders.

We use FSC-certified cardboard and lava stone in the packaging. Choose our briquettes for a flavorful, eco-friendly, and premium grilling experience